Wisconsin News: Ground Zero for Mega Dairy Boom

Basic CAFO PosterThe state of Wisconsin is the next frontier for the expansion of industrial mega dairies.   While dairying is deeply rooted in the state’s history, culture and tradition, the overwhelming majority of Wisconsin dairies have been family run and operated.   If the Dairy-Agribusiness Lobby has its way, the family dairies of Wisconsin will be a thing of the past and replaced with industrial mega-dairy operations like the proposed Golden Sands Dairy, LLC in Wood County, Wisconsin.

While the name “Golden Sands” sounds pastoral and idyllic, the reality of the proposed dairy is that it will confine some 6,000 animals in one location, concentrating the waste in giant manure lagoons and posing a significant threat to neighboring waterways and residential wells.

Wisc_Billboard2According to the Wisconsin DNR’s website, the cattle at Golden Sands Mega Dairy will produce 48 million gallons of liquid manure and 24,000 tons of solid manure on an annual basis and spread onto fields during spring, summer and fall months. As if spreading an extraordinary amount of untreated feces and urine on the land wasn’t bad enough, the dairy operation is proposing clear cutting trees to do so.

The citizens of the Wood County Wisconsin are not going to take Golden Sands, LLC laying down. (See recent press from community meeting here.) They know the threats that come with industrial dairy operations and they are fighting to protect their community, their livelihoods, their property values, their local environment and their rural quality of life.

You can follow what is happening with the proposed Mega Dairy here.

Visit the website for the citizen group, Kewaunee Cares here.