Michigan News: LESS = MORE Campaign

less_more_hogs It’s an old adage, “less equals more,” but it’s one that rings true with where we need to go with our agricultural system.   We need LESS animals raised in confinement and MORE animals raised responsibly on pasture. We need LESS animal manure getting into our waterways and MORE biologically healthy waters, filled with vibrant aquatic life. And, we need LESS of our tax dollars going to prop up a broken agricultural system filled with polluting CAFOs and commodity production and MORE support going to sustainable producers who raise animals in a ecologically and socially responsible manner.

Less does equal more and a group in Michigan is pushing the point, with the   LESS = MORE campaign. The coalition, spearheaded by the Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club includes a variety of state and national organizations that are coming together to ask the State Conservationist to direct tax payer subsidies away from polluting factory farms and more toward producers who are farming in a way that enhances the environment, supports local economies and is respectful of the communities of which they are a part.

LESS = MORE was launched in February 2013 and is gaining tremendous traction. On March 21, over 100 concerned citizens attended an event with Food Fight Author, Daniel Imhoff to learn about the Farm Bill and why our tax payer dollars are being doled out to polluting corporate agriculture at the expense of our responsible producers. Read one article here.

You can learn more about LESS = MORE and get involved by visiting the website here or joining the campaign page on Facebook.

Visit this page and watch a panel of experts discuss how we can restore balance to the food system.