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Blessings to You and Yours This Holiday Season

From the SRAP Team!
An SRAP Christmas
T’was the night before Christmas on all of the farms
The animals were napping in straw-filled barns.
Their feed and their water were provided with care
After long days of grazing on green grass in fresh air.
The baby animals nestled warmly in their nests
Suckling their mother’s milk, which suits them the best.
No stress and no fears on these family farms
Good husbandry, sunlight, fresh air were the charm.
When out on the horizon there arose such a clatter
The animals jumped upright to see what was the matter
Corporate animal sheds appeared in a flash
Promising the people with some quick hard cash.
The moon shone brightly on those CAFOs below
That broke the good rules that all farmers do know.
When what to their fearful eyes did appear were out of town strangers
Shouting We’re here! We’re here! 
These suits swayed city councils and got in with them thick
Colluding and infiltrating using every sly trick.
More rapid than eagles their slimy promises came,
We’ll bring jobs to your town. We’ll give you a name!
Perks and money we will give to your schools.
Your tax base will grow if you just let us keep rule! 
And with all their corporate propaganda unfurled
They promised to help YOUR town feed the world!
Then as leaves before a wild hurricane fly
Those suits met an obstacle and heard a loud cry.
Over the rooftops and across the land
Came a team of experts lending their hands.
In a twinkling Team SRAP was called and appeared
Spreading the knowledge; now there was nothing to fear.
SRAP offered assistance to everyone there
To the farmers and residents who came forth and cared.
SRAP has fought and waged these battles before
This team had farmers, scientists, attorneys and more.
Bundles of research they brought on their backs
Empowering these good people to stand up, fight back.
Their eyes were wise full of evils they’d seen
Manure and pollution turning clean lakes green.
Their noses knew of the toxins that smelled
Making kids sick and making life hell.
This team warned of the lies that were frequently spoken
And the corporate ag promises that always were broken.
SRAP showed the people they still had a voice
And to stand up and fight was a viable choice!
SRAP shares only facts and gets right down to work
Organizing and networking were just two of the perks.
They are a strong shoulder on which communities can lean
SRAP is truly an effective and remarkable team.
Across the land SRAP has brought forth wins
Holding CAFOs accountable for all of their sins!
Advocating for change that’s responsible and right
So that we can all win in this massive global food fight!
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