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Wisconsin News: Ground Zero for Mega Dairy Boom

The state of Wisconsin is the next frontier for the expansion of industrial mega dairies. While dairying is deeply rooted in the state’s history, culture and tradition, the overwhelming majority of Wisconsin dairies have been family run and operated. If the Dairy-Agribusiness Lobby has its way, the family dairies of Wisconsin will be a thing of the past and replaced with industrial mega-dairy operations like the proposed Golden Sands Dairy, LLC in Wood County, Wisconsin.Learn More.

Spotlight: Former Tyson Growers Fight For Their Farm

Karen and Mitchell Crutchfield were planning to retire in three years when their farm was paid off. They had put off retirement until after 65 so that could spend their golden years with a small cushion. But a year ago, their dream came crashing down. Not only did the Crutchfields get the rug pulled out from under them, they almost had their entire home and all their land yanked away, when Tyson Chicken dropped their contract.Learn More.

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Community Spotlight: Illinois Neighbors win Tax Appeal

Factory farms move into communities often diminishing the quality of life for the residents living there.   Most of the time there is little reprieve for the neighbors of a factory farm when the local environment becomes polluted… Read More