Media Alert: Tonapah, AZ April 19 Public Hearing on Hickman Egg Permit Changes

A public meeting sponsored by the Maricopa County Air Quality Department offers citizens the chance to respond to a proposal for an air quality permit modification allowing additional air pollution emissions from the controversial Hickman egg-laying facility in Tonopah.

Press Release: Lewiston, IL More Errors in Flawed Livestock Permit

LEWISTOWN, IL MARCH 22, 2016 The citizens group Fulton County Concerned Citizens (FCCC) has issued a renewed demand that the construction permit for a new industrial-scale swine operation be revoked permanently.

Press Release: Lewiston, IL Faulty Hog CAFO Plan Challenged

LEWISTOWN, IL MARCH 3, 2016 A growing coalition known as the Concerned Residents of Fulton County is standing in opposition to a swine concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) slated to be built near a popular local hiking trail and the city of Lewistown, Illinois.

Press Release: Lansing, Michigan New Report Factory Farm Pollution Mapping

Today, the Less=More Coalition released a report that takes an unprecedented look at the relationship between the manure load from factory farms in the Western Lake Erie Watershed (WLEW) and the federal subsidies that have poured into the region to facilities that generate that waste over the last seven years.

Job Opening: Professional Assistant Located in Oregon

Job Opening Job Title: Professional Assistant, .5FTE No benefits                                                          … Read More

Environmental Prize Winner Lynn Henning to Wisconsin DNR: Manure Spray is Not the Way

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  April 9, 2014 Media Contacts:  Steve Masar  p: 415-420-7527    e: Environmental Prize Winner Lynn Henning to the Wisconsin DNR: Manure Spraying is Not the Way Public health risks, waterway pollution linked to controversial… Read More

Latest News: Factory Farms Threaten Public Health

Granger Washington The EPA released a recent report showing that bacteria, hormones, and antibiotics are contaminating shallow wells on properties located near dairy factory farms and feedlots in the Lower Yakima Valley. According to the report, a cluster of dairies are leaking between 3,330,000 and 39,6000,000 gallons of liquid feces and urine into the underlying soil.Learn More.

Willy the Poo

As demonstrated throughout the About Factory Farms section of our site, industrial agriculture has created a host of complex problems. But sometimes even the most complicated issues can be expressed in simple terms – indeed. Willy and the… Read More

Food Recall Data

Ground beef
FSIS recall data has been compiled by SRA Project into several useful charts showing the year by year totals broken out by the reason (cause) for each recall as well as by meat category. Starting in 2008 and including 2009, data are available that show the total quantities of meat reclaimed as a percentage of the recalled meat totals.
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