Monica Brooks, Wicomico County, Maryland

Monica Brooks came a long way to live on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Originally from San Francisco, she never imagined she’d find herself living in a small town on the opposite side of the country. After working for Motown… Read More

2017 SRAP Year End Letter

Dear Friend, Thank you for your support of the Socially Responsible Agricultural Project (SRAP) over the last year. Together, we are growing a movement in rural communities across America that is working to stop the unfettered growth of… Read More

Citizens Standing Up, Fighting Back: Anthony Scarpa

When Anthony Scarpa, 69, and his wife moved from New Jersey to Delaware to retire in November 2016, they never imagined they’d be moving their lives to the center of a public fight to protect their water and… Read More

MEDIA ALERT: North Dakota’s Factory Farm Future — How Bad Is It?

National experts come to Cass County for a real-world presentation on the harsh impacts of industrial animal operations & the need to reject Pipestone’s Rolling Green hog CAFO now CASSELTON, ND October 4, 2017”Socially Responsible Agricultural Project (SRAP),… Read More

Sam Berley Somerset County, MD

  When Sam Berley purchased a home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, he was just hoping to raise a family in a peaceful area that reminded him of his upbringing on Long Island. For twenty years, he and his… Read More

MEDIA ALERT: Public to Confront Sussex County DE Chicken Wastewater Dumping Scheme

Opposition to DNREC proposed permit lodged by new community group; Massive amounts of Allen Harim Harbeson poultry plant ˜slaughter water’ a threat to local wells & public health  WHAT:           A public hearing by… Read More

July 18, 2017: SRAP News From the Field

Did You Have Flies for your 4th of July? For many people across America, the days leading up to the 4th of July were filled with actively planning their holiday in anticipation of family, parades, and BBQs. The… Read More

Marj Van Winkle – Iowa

Hog farms were nothing new to Marj Van Winkle. But this was different. This was not farming. Marj, 77, and her husband Lyle, 83, have farmed 160 acres in Jefferson County, Iowa for half a century — just… Read More

May 30, 2017: SRAP News From the Field

Chickens, Hogs, and Manure Oh My…. Factory farms continue to expand across the country, but citizens aren’t taking this sitting down. In the past month, we received calls for help from communities in Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Ohio, and… Read More

Maria Elena Bejarano – Anthony, New Mexico

  Maria Elena Bejarano never expected to have to pray for a breath of fresh air. She never expected to spend her days wondering if the thousands of cows next door were polluting her water, and she certainly… Read More