Marj Van Winkle – Iowa

Hog farms were nothing new to Marj Van Winkle. But this was different. This was not farming. Marj, 77, and her husband Lyle, 83, have farmed 160 acres in Jefferson County, Iowa for half a century — just… Read More

May 30, 2017: SRAP News From the Field

Chickens, Hogs, and Manure Oh My…. Factory farms continue to expand across the country, but citizens aren’t taking this sitting down. In the past month, we received calls for help from communities in Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Ohio, and… Read More

Maria Elena Bejarano – Anthony, New Mexico

  Maria Elena Bejarano never expected to have to pray for a breath of fresh air. She never expected to spend her days wondering if the thousands of cows next door were polluting her water, and she certainly… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Gordon County GA Residents Call on Commissioners to Address Protections from Growing Health & Safety Risks of Industrial Poultry Operations

CALHOUN, GA  APRIL 12, 2017 Supported by peer-reviewed scientific research and expert perspective on the impacts of industrial poultry operations provided in a letter delivered to the Gordon County Commissioners from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Center… Read More

Victory In Sterling, Nebraska – By CH Hagstrom, Citizens For Responsible Zoning

  About 7:55 PM on Monday, April 10, a sort of dull thud  emanated from southeast Nebraska. Not a clap of thunder, so prevalent this time of year, not an aircraft sonic boom. It was actually the… Read More

Citizens Standing Up, Fighting Back : Brian Kaltreider – Codorus Township, Pennsylvania

Brian Kaltreider had returned to his roots. Life in his grandpa’s rural hometown of Codorus Township, York County, Pennsylvania was the plan — complete with the long-awaited restoration of an 1864 log cabin Brian had in storage. There… Read More

MEDIA ALERT – SRAP Board Member Dr. John Ikerd to Speak in Sterling NE on April 8

Proposed new poultry operation with 4 industrial-sized barns means quality of life changes;   potential health risks & environmental hazards from the waste of half-million chickens per year WHAT:           A community public information… Read More

March 14, 2017: SRAP News from the Field

 Pigs, Poultry, Petitions, Pollution & Public Education Since our last newsletter, SRAP has received seven new SOS calls for help from community members living in Minnesota, Maryland, Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and Nebraska.The cumulative impact of the… Read More

Kim Gattuso Smith Valley, Nevada

The cows began arriving on May 1, 2015. Just 150 feet from her front porch, the lights fired up, the noise began and life in Smith Valley has never been the same. It was far from what Kim… Read More

MEDIA ALERT: Nationally-Recognized Poultry Contract-Grower & Industry Whistleblower to Speak at New Series of NE Informational Meetings

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 10, 2017 FREMONT, NE As the proposed Costco-owned chicken processing operation in Fremont continues to be discussed and challenged by local residents, farmers and their families from surrounding Nebraska counties are weighing the benefits… Read More