Farms Not Factories

Community members speak about what a proposed CAFO means to them.

Victory for Citizens Asserting Clayton Hog Factory Too Close For Comfort

Group pressures Village Trustees to take legal action enforcing municipal zoning ordinance at the December 1st Village meeting — and Village listens CLAYTON, IL DECEMBER 7, 2015 After months of pressure from various individuals working independently, the newly… Read More

MEDIA STATEMENT: If it can happen in Millsboro, it can happen anywhere

SALEM, OR NOVEMBER 2, 2015 Socially Responsible Agricultural Project (SRAP) is pleased and heartened by the news announced via press release late Friday that Allen Harim Foods has terminated its plans for a massive two-million bird per week… Read More

The Rap Sheets: Industrial Dairies in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin

 READ FULL REPORT HERE A  coalition of local, state and national organizations led by the Socially Responsible Agricultural Project (SRAP) released a damaging report and recommendations for reform on the hazardous, uncontrolled growth of industrial dairy pollution and… Read More

Press Release: DeKalb County Mom and Community Take on Proposed Mega Dairy and Win

Victory for local residents over Cardinal Dairies, as group makes case for risks to water, air and local community health from proposed 160-acre facility Auburn, IN ”February 25, 2015 ”A controversial application submitted by dairy operator Cardinal Dairies… Read More

Unfair Trade: TTP and TTIP vs. Family Farms

OK, so, what are TPP & TTIP? Believe it or not, there are two trade deals being negotiated behind closed doors by multinational corporations and several nations around the world right now. Surprised you haven’t heard about it?… Read More

Goldman Prize Winner Lynn Henning Joins SRAP

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Media Contacts:  Steve Masar, SRAP  p: 415-420-7527  e:   Goldman Prize Winner Lynn Henning Joins Factory Farms Fighter SRAP Michigan family farmer and anti-CAFO champion brings her energy and impact to national work… Read More

Learn About Factory Farms

Factory FarmsFactory farms damage the environment, threaten human health, compromise animal welfare, and have devastating impacts on the economic and social fabric of surrounding communities. Learn more about the problems created by factory farms, and find out how you can protect your community. Learn More.

Socially Responsible Agriculture

Socially Responsible AgricultureSocially responsible agriculture produces fresh, healthy food while safeguarding the environment, stimulating local economies, and building strong communities. Discover the many benefits of socially responsible agriculture, and learn how others are utilizing sustainable techniques on their own farms. Learn More.

Find Healthy Food!

img_findFortunately for all of us who eat, many farmers use socially responsible agricultural techniques to produce fresh, nutritious foods without compromising human health, the environment, or local communities. Find healthy food in your community, and learn how to support socially responsible agriculture in your region. Learn More.