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SRA Project Photo Gallery

Our gallery contains a variety of photos of socially responsible farms and the foods they produce. (We also included photo sets of factory farms to show how farms should NOT be operated.) View our entire photo collection in our Flickr gallery.

Viewing Our Photos:

Our photos are arranged in reverse chronological order (newest photos posted first, oldest photos posted last). To find photos related to a specific topic, view our Sets page or Collections page .

  • Sets are groups of photos related to specific topics (like “manure lagoons” or “Organic Bison”).
  • Collections are groups of photo sets related to broad topics (like “factory farms” or “socially responsible farms”).

Using Our Photos:

Unless otherwise noted, you’re welcome to reprint any photo in our gallery as long as you credit “SRA Project –” or the organization/individual credited in the photo description.

Downloading Our Photos:

  1. Click the photo to open the photo page.
  2. Click the “All Sizes” icon (above the photo).
  3. Select a photo size from the “Available sizes” list at the top of the screen (if you plan to print the photo, you’ll probably need to download one of the large, high-quality sizes; select “Original” for the highest image quality).
  4. Click “Download” (just above the photo).

Note: Many of our photos are high-resolution images that can easily be reprinted in a variety of sizes. Unfortunately, some of our older, low-resolution photos might not be suitable for reprinting. To find the highest quality version of any photo in our gallery, follow the download steps above, and select “Original” size.


Ann Cooper Talks School Lunches

A 20-minute video of a presentation at the 2007 EG conference by “renegade lunch lady” Ann Cooper.   Cooper, who serves as the director of nutrition services for the Berkeley Unified School District, is a passionate advocate for reforming the school meal system.   In this presentation, she discusses the problems with conventional school meals, and describes how she brought fresh, local, healthful, sustainable food to kids in her school district.