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Media Alerts

November 27, 2018 Springfield, IL Springfield IL Hearing on Overuse of Antibiotics in Food Production Alert Here

October 16, 2018 Tonopah, AZ Landmark Federal Court Trial on Hazardous Chemical Release Violations by Arizona’s Hickman Industrial Egg Operation Alert Here

February 24, 2018 Tonopah, AZ Federal Public Health Agency to Investigate Community Impacts of Hickman Egg Operation Alert Here

February 23, 2018 Millsboro, DE Upcoming Sussex County Public Forum Asks: Do You Know the Quality of Your Drinking Water?  Alert Here

February 21, 2018 Edwards, IL Factory Farm Experts & Nationally Recognized Whistleblower Highlight ICCAW Annual Meeting Alert Here

December 19, 2017 Bentonville, AR Will the Benton County Planning Board Support a Mega-Chicken Operation Over Community Health & Safety? Alert Here

December 9, 2017 Ocean City, MD Factory Farm Summit Focuses on Delmarva Industrial Poultry Operations: Problems & Solutions Alert Here

December 7, 2017 Ocean City, MD   National Factory Farm Summit Lands on Maryland’s Eastern Shore Alert Here

November 15, 2017 Topeka, KS   ˜NO TYSON Rally’ on 11/18 Brings the Facts of Industrial Chicken Operations to Sedgwick County Alert Here

November 13, 2017 Santa Fe, NM Risky Changes to NM Public Health & Environment On-Tap at 11/14 State Water Commission Hearing   Alert Here

November 6, 2017 Springfield, IL  Factory Farms Public Testimony to Be Heard by IL State Senate Subcommittee November 7th Alert Here

October 27, 2017 Wichita, KS  PUBLIC FORUM: A Tyson Mega-Poultry Plant in Sedgwick County. Is That What We Want?   Alert Here

October 3, 2017 Casselton, ND  North Dakota’s Factory Farm Future — How Bad Is It?    Alert Here

September 28, 2017 Devils Lake, ND Devils Lake Public Forum: Family Farms Not Animal Factories  Alert Here

September 20, 2017 Evansville IN  Warrick RUINED to Hold Public Forum on Proposed Controversial Prime Foods Egg Factory Alert Here

August 4, 2017 Fremont NE New Information Should Bring Costco Poultry Plant Permits to a Halt Alert Here

July 26, 2017 Milton DE Public to Confront Sussex County Chicken Wastewater Dumping Scheme Alert Here

May 31, 2017 Rushville IL PRESS CONFERENCE: Schuyler County Citizens Speak Out to Oppose Planned Olive Branch Acres Industrial Hog Operation Alert Here

April 27, 2017 Salisbury MD UNDER CONTRACT: Poultry Industry Whistleblower to Speak at Wicomico County, MD Public Event on May 3rd Alert Here

April 3, 2017 Sterling NE SRAP Board Member Dr. John Ikerd to Speak in Sterling NE on April 8 Alert Here

March 10, 2017 Fremont, NE Nationally-Recognized Poultry Contract-Grower & Industry Whistleblower to Speak at New Series of NE Informational Meetings Alert Here

March 9, 2017 Exmore, VA  “Manure to Energy”: Who Really Gets Burned? Alert Here

March 8, 2017 Cecil County, MD Poultry Industry Whistleblower to Speak at Cecil County Community Event on Wednesday 3/8 Alert Here

January 24, 2017  Springfield, IL Illinois Farmers and Citizens to Call for Legislature to Fix Broken Factory Farm System Alert Here

September 21, 2016 Tonapah, AZ Tonopah Residents Petition for Clint Hickman Withdrawal from Maricopa County Air & Environmental Issues Alert Here

September 11, 2016 Green Bay, WI Inaugural Factory Farm Summit Comes to Green Bay Alert Here

July 15, 2016 Fremont, NE  Fremont Town Hall Meeting on Costco’s Project Rawhide Alert Here

June 14, 2016 Mason City, IA  PUBLIC FORUM: We Can Protect Iowa from Industrial CAFOs Alert Here

April 17, 2016 Tonapah, AZ  Public Hearing April 19th on Air Pollution Permit Changes for Contested Hickman Egg Operation in Tonapah Alert Here

December 8, 2015 Mohrsville, PA  Public Forum on Tuesday: Whether You Know it or Not, CAFOs Are Coming to Berks County  Alert Here

November 18, 2015 Washington, D.C.  Uncovered Documents Reveal Water Quality Trading Shell Games in Pennsylvania and Ohio Alert Here

November 7, 2015  Madison, WI  This Saturday ‘Stink-In’ Comes to the Capitol Steps in Madison Alert Here

October 21, 2015 Tonapah, AZ  Maricopa County Public Hearing on Controversial Hickman Egg Operation Air Pollution Permit Alert Here

October 17, 2015  Anderson, IN  Tri-State Meeting to Educate and Train Communities Impacted by Industrial Animal Operations Alert Here

September 16, 2015 Princess Anne, MD  Delmarva Town Hall Meeting: A Game of Chicken? Alert Here

August 19, 2015 Watertown, SD  What Happens When a Mega-Dairy Comes to Town? Alert Here

August 6, 2015 Glennville, PA  York County Supervisors to Vote on Health Ordinance Alert Here

July 25, 2015 Millsboro, DE  New Report: Health Impacts of Harim Poultry Plant May Make a Bad Situation Worse, Says UMD Study Alert Here

July 25, 2015 Brookings, SD  The Facts about Factory Farms Are at “Beyond the Barn” Alert Here

June 23, 2015 Bayfield, WI  CAFO Crisis For Bayfield? — A Media Briefing: Community Group, National Experts Team to Discuss Local Industrial Animal Operation Threats & What Can Be Done About Them Alert Here

June 10, 2015  Green Bay, WI   New Report: Wisconsin Mega-Dairies and the State-Sanctioned Polluting of Kewaunee County Alert Here

February 22, 2015 Millsboro, DE  Will a Secret Land Deal Bring a Mega Chicken Operation to Your Block?  Alert Here

January 16, 2015 Lansing, MI   Michigan’s CAFO Water Permit Review Can Improve Environmental Protections and Weak Enforcement — But is DEQ Listening? Alert Here

October 27, 2015 Smith, NV  Are Residents Worried About a Mega Dairy Coming to Smith Valley? They Should Be. Alert Here

October 13, 2015 Georgetown, DE  Opponents of Sussex County Industrial Poultry Plant Get Their Day in Court Alert Here

April 28, 2014  Tonopah, AZ  National Experts to Speak at Tonopah Town Hall Meeting April 28th  Alert Here

February 13, 2014 Hotchkiss, CO  It’s Time to Talk: A Public Meeting to Discuss the Future of Agriculture, Family Farming, and Healthy Living in Delta County Alert Here

September 10, 2013 Santa Fe, NM  Will New Mexico’s Water Quality Standards Be ‘Milked’ for All They’re Worth? Alert Here