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SRAP’s priority is to help communities transition from conventional production to sustainable, humane, and independent family-scale agriculture. We seek projects that align with this mission, are economically viable, and support a number of producers. We place a priority on projects that serve diverse demographics, have wide-ranging community support, and include community education initiatives.

For the projects we select, we provide technical services free of charge. The types of technical services we offer include:

  • Conducting a community assessment of food system infrastructure needs;
  • Support developing needed infrastructure, such as a mobile meat processing unit;
  • Writing HAACP, business, and marketing plans;
  • Organizing community support;
  • Working with producers to establish production models that promote animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

To fill out an application, please speak to an SRAP representative for feedback on whether your project is eligible and a good match for the assistance we provide. To schedule a phone call, please email us at: