Take Action: Tell FTC to Stop Cargill’s Food Label Fraud

California Cap-and-Trade Program Summary

Fifteen Wisconsin dairy concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) with manure-to energy digesters participate in California’s cap-and-trade program, while their operations continue to cause public health risks, ground and surface water contamination, air pollution, and destruction of the environment…. Read More

Beyond Factory Farming: Frank Reese

Welcome to our new series, Beyond Factory Farming, where we celebrate regenerative farmers throughout the U.S. who are working to build sustainable and local food systems. BIRDS OF A FEATHER At 71 years old, Frank Reese has seen… Read More

A Time to Say Farewell … and to Reflect

This past week, the SRAP team bid a bittersweet farewell to former Executive Director Terry Spence, as he closed out his last days with the team to begin a much-deserved retirement with his wife, Linda, on their Missouri… Read More

Standing Up, Fighting Back – Crystal Clair, Adams County, Illinois

By Karen Hudson The Clairs strive to be good stewards of their land and to uphold sustainable agricultural practices for the health of their community. However, a new neighbor is threatening to unravel the Clairs livelihood and the… Read More

Upcoming Event: SRAP and ACT Hosts Eating Animals at the Globe in Maryland on April 4th

How much do you know about the food on your plate? Find out on Thursday, April 4th when SRAP, Assateague Coastal Trust (ACT) and the Lower Eastern Shore Engagement Network (LESEN) presents a screening of Eating Animals at The… Read More

Citizens Standing Up, Fighting Back: Doug Yankton – Ramsey County, North Dakota

Devils Lake in Ramsey County, North Dakota is much more than a local body of water to the 8,000 members of the Spirit Lake Tribe. It’s a centerpiece of their traditions, a spiritual touchstone with their ancestors and… Read More

Citizens Standing Up, Fighting Back: Bob Glenn, Dade County, Missouri

  The idea came in a choking cloud of chicken manure. Seventy-year-old Bob Glenn of Dade County, Missouri had to begin to think the unthinkable: leave his own property — a landscape he has lived on, worked and… Read More

SRAP Newsletter – April 2018

The Grass is Always Greener on the Socially Responsible Side Spring greetings from your friends at SRAP! While the calendar may say spring, winter still has its grip on many parts of the country—but the wet and snowy… Read More

Citizens Standing Up, Fighting Back: Kathy Tyler, South Dakota

Kathy Tyler – South Dakota Kathy Tyler and her husband Tim have spent the past four decades building their dream life in the countryside of Grant County, South Dakota. Both grew up on farms in the area and… Read More