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Citizens Standing Up, Fighting Back: Doug Yankton – Ramsey County, North Dakota

Devils Lake in Ramsey County, North Dakota is much more than a local body of water to the 8,000 members of the Spirit Lake Tribe. It’s a centerpiece of their traditions, a spiritual touchstone with their ancestors and… Read More

Citizens Standing Up, Fighting Back: Bob Glenn, Dade County, Missouri

  The idea came in a choking cloud of chicken manure. Seventy-year-old Bob Glenn of Dade County, Missouri had to begin to think the unthinkable: leave his own property — a landscape he has lived on, worked and… Read More

SRAP Newsletter – April 2018

The Grass is Always Greener on the Socially Responsible Side Spring greetings from your friends at SRAP! While the calendar may say spring, winter still has its grip on many parts of the country—but the wet and snowy… Read More

Citizens Standing Up, Fighting Back: Kathy Tyler, South Dakota

Kathy Tyler – South Dakota Kathy Tyler and her husband Tim have spent the past four decades building their dream life in the countryside of Grant County, South Dakota. Both grew up on farms in the area and… Read More

SRAP Newsletter – March 2018

  Let’s Spring Into Action Against Factory Farms  Happy Spring from your friends at SRAP! As the days grow longer and we emerge from the cold and darkness of winter, the SRAP team finds renewed optimism as we… Read More

Communities Standing Up, Fighting Back – Great Falls, Montana

A battle is brewing in Great Falls, Montana. Set midway between the mountainous national parks of Glacier and Yellowstone to the west and the open plains of the east, Great Falls is home to Malmstrom Air Force Base… Read More

Citizens Standing Up and Fighting Back: Bradley Olson

Bradley and Marsha Olson spent the past 40 years investing in a dream: 1,000 sprawling acres of wildlife habitat and farm land near Lake Hendricks in Brookings County, South Dakota. But just when they were finally ready to… Read More

SRAP Newsletter January 2018

Let’s Keep Calm and Fight Factory Farms in 2018 Happy New Year from all of us at SRAP! As we begin a new year, we look back at all we have accomplished in 2017 and look forward to… Read More

Monica Brooks, Wicomico County, Maryland

Monica Brooks came a long way to live on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Originally from San Francisco, she never imagined she’d find herself living in a small town on the opposite side of the country. After working for Motown… Read More

2017 SRAP Year End Letter

Dear Friend, Thank you for your support of the Socially Responsible Agricultural Project (SRAP) over the last year. Together, we are growing a movement in rural communities across America that is working to stop the unfettered growth of… Read More