• Factory Farm Invasion

    Factory farms are spreading and harming our rural communities. However people are standing up and calling for change. Factory Farms are not inevitable – there is a better way.

  • Rural Quality of Life Lost

    When factory farms are built in rural communities, neighbors suffer. Toxic gases from decomposing animal waste can make it unbearable to enjoy a rural quality of life.

  • We Are Unique

    The majority of our staff have had factory farms come to their own communities. Now we’re helping rural citizens and farmers take on the injustices of industrial animal agribusiness.

  • Family Farms not Animal Factories

    SRAP works to promote sustainable family farms in our rural communities, while supporting citizens to hold polluting factory farms accountable.

  • Support Responsible Farmers not Factory Farms

    It’s a myth that factory farms are needed to feed the world. What the world needs are healthy food sources from animals raised humanely on-pasture.