Food & Farm Network

SRAP understands the threats community members face when an industrial livestock facility comes to town. We also know the importance and need for organizing to build a better food future. Through tech talks, webinars, action alerts, and agriculture policy briefings, the Socially Responsible Food & Farm Network unites advocates.

An extension of our core mission to offer outreach, base building, education, and leadership development opportunities, this free national network builds on SRAP’s strengths—and the team’s decades-long experience—to advise and mobilize advocates beyond the CAFO issue. The network engages farmers and community members to advocate on behalf of regenerative food systems, social justice, climate initiatives, public health, animal welfare, and other critical issues. With regular opportunities to connect with state, regional, and national coalitions and organizations, plus additional access to training events and educational materials, network participants will learn to more effectively influence policymakers and U.S. residents, alike, on the food and agriculture concerns that matter most.