Water Rangers Resources

The Water Rangers Program offers free training to teach participants how to collect and analyze water samples, document pollution, and report violations to regulators.

Clean Water Act Owners Manual (2022)

This River Network resource breaks down the Clean Water Act and explains how it can be used to protect local waterways from environmental injustices, climate change, and more.

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U.S. EPA Fact Sheet on Water Quality Parameters: Nutrients (2021)

This fact sheet provides information on nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous, etc.) as a water quality parameter. It lists common sources of nutrients in water, explains their impact, describes the EPA recommended criteria for specific nutrients, and more. Find additional water quality parameter fact sheets on the U.S. EPA website.

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ELAW Environmental Sampling Guide Module 2: Water Sampling for Communities (2022)

This guide from Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) provides a thorough summary of water sampling for local groups and community members. It explains the water cycle, common water pollution sources, and best practices for water sampling.

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Water Monitoring Data Management Resources

Recording water monitoring data is important to show evidence of water contamination and hold CAFOs accountable. Use the following materials to record water monitoring data, build a record of stream health, and share data with others.

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Water Rangers Test Strip Monitoring Protocol

Use this document to follow the Water Rangers' water monitoring protocols. It includes important reminders for water sampling, instructions for obtaining water samples and using test strips, and more. Make sure to have a laminated copy or a copy on your phone in your monitoring kit!

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