Community Support


SRAP helps communities protect themselves from the devastating public health, environmental, and socioeconomic damages caused by industrial livestock production. For more than 20 years, our team has worked throughout the U.S. to provide free assistance to any community that requests our support when facing the threats posed by factory farms.

SRAP’s Community Support team includes technical experts, independent farmers, and rural residents who, like the communities we serve, have experienced the impacts of industrial livestock production firsthand. Our team offers technical and strategic support to help people educate and mobilize their communities, navigate regulatory processes, engage lawmakers, publicize their stories, and ultimately build coalitions to reject harmful industrial agricultural practices and advocate for a socially responsible food future.

SRAP also links the people most profoundly impacted by our broken food system with a network of academic institutions, government agencies, public interest groups, and political players who can help. We connect local efforts with state and national movements to unite in our cause, collectively working to bring back the socially responsible, independent farms needed to feed America.

If your community faces an incoming or expanding industrial livestock facility, contact us for help.