Water Rangers: Indiana

The Water Rangers Program is developing state-specific resources for water monitoring in Indiana. Use the following guides or request a training to understand CAFO regulations in Indiana and opportunities for action.

Pending Indiana CAFO Permits on Public Notice

The following table(s) lists pending livestock operation permits on public notice in Indiana. Public notices are government notices of public comment periods and major projects that may impact the public.

Use your voice to alert the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) of your thoughts on industrial livestock facilities by submitting public comments and requesting public hearings.

This table is updated every month. We will do our best to give ample notice for every pending permit. However, given the nature of public notices and our capacity we will, unfortunately, miss some permits on public notice. Last updated: August 28, 2023

CountyFarm ID #Project TypeDate ReceivedOperation NameIDEM Project ManagerAnimals - PrimaryAnimals - Secondary
Decatur4073CFO Renewal*8/23/2023Fred Sterchi Bedel FarmsFoster, Scott2000 Finisher Pigs1000 Nursery Pigs
Decatur4803CFO Renewal*8/22/2023Carl Geis Geis FarmsBakkal, Bullent1500 Finisher Pigs2000 Nursery Pigs
Kosciusko4170CFO Renewal*8/21/2023William J CoffingEmma, Lager2837 Nursery Pigs
Kosciusko7037CFO Renewal*8/18/2023Bacon Hill LLCEmma, Lager8800 Finisher Pigs8800 Nursery Pigs
Adams6626CFO Renewal*8/18/2023Stanley G FuhrmannBakkal, Bullent2150 Finisher Pigs150 Nursery Pigs
Rush1837CFO Renewal*8/17/2023Steve OsborneFoster, Scott3050 Finisher Pigs1650 Nursery Pigs
Jay6303CFO Renewal*8/14/2023Berne Hi Way Hatchery Incorporated Jay EggFoster, Scott160000 Layers
Wabash1522CFO Renewal*8/11/2023Dale & Haupert LLCEmma, Lager450000 Pullets
Elkhart6848CFO Approval8/2/2023Bowman Family Holdings Incorporated New Paris FarmsEmma, Lager60000 Layers
Cass6553CFO Renewal*8/2/2023Don Hendrixson Jr Hendrixson DairyWhitman, Kraig760 Dairy Cattle250 Dairy Heifers
*CFO Renewals are not subject to public notice. The 33-day public comment period only applies to CFO Approvals.
**A CFO (Confined Feeding Operation) in Indiana is any regulated animal feeding operation. A facility is designated a regulated animal feeding operation if it meets a certain animal threshold. A CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) is a CFO that meets a larger animal threshold. CFO/CAFO animal threshold requirements.

Here are tips on public notices and how to take action:

Resource List

Use these resources to learn more about CAFOs in Indiana, the permitting process, and more.

Indiana Advanced Trainings

Request any of these Indiana-specific trainings by emailing waterrangers@sraproject.org.

  • How to find permit information for existing and proposed CAFOs: Indiana CAFO Database and Virtual File Cabinet
  • How to track past enforcement documents: Indiana Enforcement Database