Indiana CAFO Permits on Public Notice

The following table(s) lists pending livestock operation permits on public notice in Indiana. Public notices are government notices of public comment periods and major projects that may impact the public.

Use your voice to alert the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) of your thoughts on industrial livestock facilities by submitting public comments and requesting public hearings.

This table is updated bi-monthly. We will do our best to give ample notice for every pending permit. However, given the nature of public notices and our capacity we will, unfortunately, miss some permits on public notice. Last updated: November 2023

Pending Indiana CAFO Permits on Public Notice

CountyFarm ID #Project TypeDate ReceivedOperation NameIDEM Project ManagerAnimals - PrimaryAnimals - Secondary
Howard1051.0CFO Renewal11/17/23David L Hartman Site 2Whitman, Kraig9,700 nursery pigs
Posey1026.0CFO Renewal11/15/23Antonio L Sollars Sollars Family Farm IncorporatedBakkal, Bullent8,800 finisher pigs5,400 nursery pigs
Jasper6083.0CFO Approval11/10/23Oak Basin Dairy LLCWhitman, Kraig3,000 dairy cattle
Carroll3386.0CFO Approval11/9/23MFF IncorporatedWhitman, Kraig1,600 nursery pigs1,000 finisher pigs
Wabash6618.0CFO Approval10/26/23Lynn Blocher Farm LLCLager, Emma93,000 broiler chickens375 dairy heifers

*CFO Renewals are not subject to public notice. The 33-day public comment period only applies to CFO Approvals.

**A CFO (Confined Feeding Operation) in Indiana is any regulated animal feeding operation. A facility is designated a regulated animal feeding operation if it meets a certain animal threshold. A CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) is a CFO that meets a larger animal threshold. CFO/CAFO animal threshold requirements.

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