SRAP produced or participated in the following webinars for public education and issue advocacy. Find a larger collection of peer-reviewed research and other go-to resources used by our team.

SRAP Live 2024: Building a Socially Responsible Food Future

SRAP Live is a two-day virtual summit featuring industry experts, community members impacted by factory farms, food & agriculture journalists, and advocates for socially responsible food systems. Hear from powerhouse speakers, with Austin Frerick, author of Barons: Money, Power and the Corruption of America’s Food Industry, delivering the keynote address.

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Factory Farm Gas: Big Ag & Big Oil’s Latest Greenwashing Scheme

Socially Responsible Agriculture Project, Friends of the Earth, and Food & Water Watch present groundbreaking new research on the proliferation of factory farm gas and how it undermines environmental justice, perpetuates the climate crisis, and hurts small and sustainable livestock producers.

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The Rap Sheet on Smithfield's Industrial Hog Facilities in Missouri

SRAP reviewed three decades of public records and found that factory farms owned by Smithfield Foods spilled more than 7.3 million gallons of hog waste on land and waterways across Missouri. Watch as we unpack our report, discussing how it began, why it matters, and the implications of allowing agribusiness giants to pollute with impunity.

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Poultry Cracked Open: Life Beyond the Contract: How Three Contract Growers Left the Business

With industrialized poultry production comes a host of harms, including the exploitation of small farmers. In this series on Facebook Live, three former contract growers, who now serve on SRAP’s Contract Grower Transition Program, share their experiences of feeling trapped in the system and how they left contract production once and for all.

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Right to Harm Film

Through the stories of five rural communities, this documentary exposes the devastating public health impact factory farming has on disadvantaged rural communities. Filmed across the U.S., it chronicles the failures of state agencies to regulate industrial animal agriculture and the tale of disenfranchised residents who band together to demand justice from legislators.

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SRAP Live 2021: Building a Socially Responsible Food Future

SRAP Live features farmers, activists, and academics discussing environmental justice, the greenwashing of factory farm gas, community success stories, the injustices faced by contract growers, and more. Keynote speakers include Dr. John Ikerd, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri, Columbia, and Jessica Culpepper, Board President, SRAP, and food project director, Public Justice.

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