WATCH: Smithfield Rap Sheet Exposes Decades of Factory Farm Pollution


Socially Responsible Agriculture Project (SRAP) reviewed three decades of public records and found Smithfield’s factory farms caused 748 reported spills, spewing more than 7.3 million gallons of hog waste across land and waterways in Missouri.

The report, The Rap Sheet on Smithfield’s Industrial Hog Facilities in Missouri, exposes Smithfield’s history as a chronic polluter, and the ongoing failure of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to enforce regulations designed to protect public health and the environment.

Watch as we unpack the Rap Sheet, discussing how it began, why it matters, and the implications of allowing agribusiness giants to pollute with impunity.

The video features:

  • Chris Hunt, deputy director, SRAP
  • Scott Dye, research & reports specialist, SRAP
  • Ashlen Busick, senior regional field representative, SRAP
  • Joe Maxwell, co-founder of Farm Action, former Missouri state legislator and Missouri Lieutenant Governor

The speakers discuss why industrial livestock operations make terrible neighbors, what happens when millions of gallons of animal waste pollutes the environment, and the process SRAP used to compile the report using publicly available data from the DNR.

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