PRESS RELEASE: Kewaunee County WI Dairy Fined $50,000 for Polluting Residential Well

Stahl Brothers Dairy penalized for contaminating a local drinking water well, wetlands & two streams; judgment & fine tip of the iceberg  for rural Wisconsin pollution crisis MADISON, WI JULY 25, 2017 The Wisconsin Department of Justice… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Federal Funds Keep Michigan Factory Farm Pollution Flowing

New mapping report documents industrial livestock operation waste & Farm Bill subsidies LANSING, MI MAY 24, 2017 Today, the Less=More Coalition released A Watershed Moment, a report and interactive mapping project documenting how Michigan industrial livestock operations received… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Schuyler County IL Residents CAR About Their Future

Health & welfare risks of proposed hog CAFO sparks community outreach & public gathering tonight RUSHVILLE, IL MAY 8, 2017 The Schuyler County citizens group, Citizens Against Ruining Environments (CARE), is organizing the public to oppose a massive concentrated… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Gordon County GA Residents Call on Commissioners to Address Protections from Growing Health & Safety Risks of Industrial Poultry Operations

CALHOUN, GA  APRIL 12, 2017 Supported by peer-reviewed scientific research and expert perspective on the impacts of industrial poultry operations provided in a letter delivered to the Gordon County Commissioners from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Center… Read More

PRESS RELEASE – Howard County IA Residents Fighting Reicks Factory Farm

DES MOINES, IA APRIL 5, 2017 A group of citizens is banding together to stop a new  hog factory by Reicks View Farms in Howard County. At 2,499 head of hogs, the confinement is one hog under the… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Arizona Resident Appeals, Wins Favorable Order on Hickman Egg Operation from Maricopa County Air Pollution Hearing Board

Hickman facility potentially operating without valid accounting of harmful industrial henhouse emissions; County ordered to review compliance with federal Clean Air Act PHOENIX, AZ ”December 20, 2016 ”The Maricopa County Air Pollution Hearing Board (APHB) quietly issued an… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Appellate Court Ends Nearly 3-Year Miscarriage of Justice for Two Illinois Citizens

SPRINGFIELD,  IL December 8, 2016 The Fourth District Appellate Court did in  minutes  what could not be undone in more than two and a half years of legal wrangling over a criminal contempt charge leveled against  Illinois citizens… Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Maricopa County Residents to Board of Supervisors Chair Hickman: Withdraw from All Air Quality, Environmental Decisions

Citizen petition demands industrial ag executive recuse himself to avoid further conflicts of interest; STOPP cites ongoing federal Clean Air Act investigation of Hickman Family Farms Tonopah, AZ September 21, 2016 Today, members of the Arizona community group STOPP… Read More

Press Release: Fulton County Township Drafts Resolution Opposing Massive Illinois Hog Operation Along the Spoon River

Bernadotte Township board members register opposition to planned 20-thousand head swine concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO). BERNADOTTE TOWNSHIP, IL August 22, 2016 Board members of Fulton County’s Bernadotte Township have signed into the public record a resolution opposing… Read More

Minnesota: National Groups Support Family Farmers’ Appeal Against Factory Farm

 26 July 2016:   For Immediate Release St. Paul, Minnesota   A coalition of the nation’s leading public health and environmental groups, in an unprecedented action, joined a lifelong family farmer’s legal efforts to address the negative impacts… Read More