MEDIA ALERT: NO TYSON Rally on 11/18 Brings the Facts of Industrial Chicken Operations to Sedgwick County, KS


WHAT: NO TYSON Information Rally: A public gathering of concerned Sedgwick County residents, providing real-world facts on the health, environmental and economic risks all members of the Greater Wichita community could face if the proposed massive Tyson poultry operation is approved.

WHEN: Saturday, November 18, 2017 | 10:45 a.m. CT

WHERE:   Outside the offices of Greater Wichita Partnership | 501 E. Douglas Ave., Wichita, KS 67202


— Concerned residents of Sedgwick County

— Members of the community groups No Tyson Sedgwick County, Women for Kansas & Peace and Social Justice Center

**Sponsored by the national nonprofit, Socially Responsible Agriculture Project**


Let’s Talk about Tyson

The citizen group No Tyson Sedgwick County and its community partners invite the public to an informational rally at the doorstep of Greater Wichita Partnership to consider the impact of the proposed $320 million Tyson project on our public health, environment, local infrastructure and local aquifer. The community effects of massive industrial confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) are well documented. CAFOs bring risks that need understanding and community agreement. The impacts of the proposed Tyson operation include:

  • The fallout from 260,000 chickens slaughtered daily will pose a clear threat to our air quality & water security
  • Huge numbers of contract chicken farms in our region will be required to supply the Tyson slaughterhouse with up to 93 million chickens each year
  • Truck traffic will dramatically increase on our roads as 1.3 million chickens are trucked weekly to and from the industrial-sized processing plant
  • Tyson-promoted $13/hour jobs are below poverty level with 70-90% turnover expected in the first year
  • The loss of local home value and the loss of new businesses to the area are vital concerns.

We call on the Sedgwick County Commission to invite the public into the process — involving community representatives fully in the evaluation of the Tyson project and whether it’s the right fit for Sedgwick County.


Media contacts:

Lori Lawrence | No Tyson Sedgwick County Group | p: 316 516-3632| e:

Janice Bradley | No Tyson Sedgwick County Group | p: 316 269-3729| e: