Illinois CAFO Permits on Public Notice

The following table(s) lists pending livestock operation permits on public notice in Illinois. Public notices are government notices of public comment periods and major projects that may impact the public.

Use your voice to alert the Illinois Dept. of Agriculture (Illinois DOA) of your thoughts on industrial livestock facilities by submitting public comments and requesting public hearings.

This table is updated bi-monthly. We will do our best to give ample notice for every pending permit. However, given the nature of public notices and our capacity we will, unfortunately, miss some permits on public notice. Last updated: November 2023

Pending Illinois CAFO Permits on Public Notice

Date ReceivedPermit StatusOwner's NameFacility NameSpeciesProject TypeCountyNearest TownProject Animal UnitsTotal Site Animal Units
11/2/2023PendingTroy KitleyBeef"New" siteClayFlora770770
10/26/2023PendingAndy GathmanAndy GathmanBeef"New" siteMasonHavana0500

This list displays current Notice of Intent to Construct (NOIC) permits from the Illinois Department of Agriculture (Illinois DOA). To view the full list of NOIC permits, go to the Illinois DOA website.

Tips on public notices and how to take action in Illinois:

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