Media Alert: Will a Secret Land Deal Bring a Mega Chicken Operation to Your Block?


Public meeting set to discuss the private sale of 300 acres to poultry giant Mountaire Farms that could damage local air, water, health and land values

WHAT: A public meeting hosted by C.O.S.T. (Community Opposed to Secret Transaction) to learn about the potential risks of a pending secret local land sale — and how it could harm Millsboro’s local environment, property values and public health. Public Q&A to follow.

WHEN: Sunday, February 22, 2015 | 2:00 P.M. ET

WHERE: Indian River Senior Center, 214 Irons Avenue, Millsboro, DE

WHO: Maria Payan: Regional coordinator, Socially Responsible Agricultural Project Bruce Ballantine: Member, Protecting Our Indian River

Don’t we all deserve to know if an industrial-sized polluter is coming to our community?

Large-scale poultry operator Mountaire Farms is in the process of secretly purchasing over 300 acres between Revel Road and Hudson Road in Millsboro. No public notice has been offered. No plan has been made public. No citizen concerns have been heard. If approved, this deal could pave the way for siting of a new industrial poultry farm in this community a facility that could eventually threaten air quality, well water, resident health and local property values.

Organized by a newly formed group C.O.S.T. (Community Opposed to Secret Transaction), this public forum will present information, scientific data and national expertise to address local concerns over the possible introduction of an industrial poultry farm into this community.

For more information:
Maria Payan
Socially Responsible Agricultural Project