Support Community Scientists Who Protect Our Water!


CAFOs are among the worst polluters on our planet. Rural communities are on the front lines of a water pollution crisis caused by industrial livestock facilities—but there is hope!

Donate today to support community scientists holding polluters accountable!

SRAP’s Water Rangers Program is the only CAFO-focused water quality monitoring training offered free of charge to anyone in the U.S.

The program aims to teach participants to collect and analyze water samples, document pollution, and report violations to regulators for enforcement action.

  • Water Rangers has already trained over 400 community scientists;
  • Program staff have worked on the ground in more than 15 states;
  • We are currently expanding the program to five states in the Upper Midwest and the tribal nations within those states.

A donation today of $25, $50, or $100 will provide the support we need to continue training community scientists across the country who will protect water for all.

About SRAP

For more than 20 years, SRAP has served as a mobilizing force to help communities protect themselves from the damages caused by industrial livestock operations and to advocate for a food system built on regenerative practices, justice, democracy, and resilience. Learn more at