SRAP Media Statement: Today’s Food & Water Watch CAFO Ban Announcement


Socially Responsible Agricultural Project (SRAP) fully supports the proposition that a better world for all includes a turning away from the flawed and unhealthy system of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). It is simply common sense that a production model shown to contaminate the environment, impair the air, water and land, threaten public health, degrade its labor force and destroy communities is not a practical, sensible or sustainable means of creating food for our nation.

Unlike any other national organization, SRAP stands shoulder-to-shoulder every day with people who are on the frontlines of CAFO impacts. It is particularly for this reason that SRAP also stands for the right to self-determination for every community. We understand that there is strength in the diversity of ideas and power in the freedom to choose a future based on the values and decisions individuals determine for themselves. SRAP advocates for healthy change with information and real-world experience, but respects the principle that every community has the right to determine its own path.

As an advocate for animal agriculture and the timeless contributions of responsible animal husbandry, SRAP joins the growing community of residents, organizations and institutions that recognize the industrial CAFO model cannot be sustained. SRAP works every day toward the support of positive, long-term solutions for a healthy, resourceful and democratic standard of food creation for all.