Petition: Stop Bioenergy DevCo’s Industrial Gas Refinery in Sussex County

Bioenergy DevCo's industrial gas refinery in Seaford, Delaware, threatens marginalized communities that are already profoundly impacted by industrial pollution. Ninety percent of Sussex County waterways are polluted and many residents do not have access to clean drinking water.

Residents, primarily people of color, are already suffering the public health risks and ecological damages associated with industrial polluters. DevCo's gas refinery is yet another corporate scheme to profit at the expense of public health and safety.

By granting a conditional use permit to DevCo's gas refinery, regulators are allowing corporations to perpetuate harm on Sussex County residents.

Please sign this petition so Sussex County regulators can be held accountable for permitting an industrial gas refinery that

  • exacerbates social inequalities to create a serious environmental justice issue;
  • threatens public health and the environment in a community already ravaged by industry;
  • falsely advertises an unsafe and dirty energy as a "green solution" (this study provides more information;) and
  • is improperly zoned in an area reserved for agriculture and residential zoning.