SRAP Welcomes Cole Dickerson to the Team!


SRAP is pleased to welcome to the team, Cole Dickerson, Water Rangers program coordinator!

Cole’s passion for socially responsible agriculture grew out of his love for carrots and snack peppers. While studying environmental sciences at the University of Virginia, he started working for a student-run organization that offered CSA shares for students.

He later attended the University of Colorado-Boulder where he graduated with a master’s degree in sustainable food systems. Cole enjoys working with communities and advocating for environmental and social conditions that promote health and well-being.

“I’m a firm believer in the power of sustainable and socially responsible food systems that improve human and environmental health. A healthy food future means equals access to clean water. I’m excited to join SRAP’s Water Rangers program to support communities organizing to protect their most vital resource.”

Cole joins SRAP as we move to expand our Water Rangers program to increase the number of communities served. 

The program assists rural residents in holding industrial livestock production facilities accountable for water pollution by training them in EPA-approved water testing techniques, providing tools to collect and analyze water samples, and offering instruction on documenting and reporting pollution violations to U.S. EPA, local, and state regulators.

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