SRAP Welcomes Two New Team Members!


SRAP is pleased to welcome to the team two new employees: Reva Baylets, operations associate, and Chris Culbreth, community support team associate.

Reva grew up in a thriving farming community in rural central Pennsylvania where it’s still common for families to have small gardens and process food for winter. She later attended Penn State University for bachelors’ and master’s programs with a focus on intersectional identity studies and literature. 

Outside of work, Reva enjoys kitchen experimentation, tinkering in the garden, and working on home improvement projects. 

“What we put into our bellies matters on so many interconnective levels. I don’t know about you, but I love to eat! There’s nothing quite like some home-cookin’ to bring folks together. And this is why we must advocate for food systems that holistically nurture our communities, creatures, and environment from beginning to end. I’m thrilled to be joining the hardworking and dedicated team at SRAP, and look forward to applying my experience in operations and project management to support the good we do in the world.” 

Having grown up in North Carolina—one of the nation’s top pork-producing states—Chris knows all too well the nuisances of hog facilities including their awful stench. 

Passionate about social justice, Chris has an extensive background in the nonprofit sector. Her previous experience includes providing legal services to vulnerable populations including victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, the incarcerated, and those facing foreclosure, eviction, and bankruptcy.  

“I made a decision some time ago to make a career transition to a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental and social justice. I am thrilled that SRAP has given me the chance to realize this goal. The exploitation of, and damage to, communities nationwide from factory farms causes a type of suffering that no one should have to experience. SRAP is the only organization I know of that supports these communities so that their voices are heard.”

Chris has also volunteered for organizations with missions centered on racial justice, worker’s rights, animal welfare, and more. She currently resides in New York and loves to travel internationally, work on her sister’s plot of land in North Carolina, and collect piles of books that she’ll likely never have time to finish.

About SRAP

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