Citizens Standing Up, Fighting Back: Bob Glenn, Dade County, Missouri

  The idea came in a choking cloud of chicken manure. Seventy-year-old Bob Glenn of Dade County, Missouri had to begin to think the unthinkable: leave his own property — a landscape he has lived on, worked and… Read More

Communities Standing Up, Fighting Back – Great Falls, Montana

A battle is brewing in Great Falls, Montana. Set midway between the mountainous national parks of Glacier and Yellowstone to the west and the open plains of the east, Great Falls is home to Malmstrom Air Force Base… Read More

Citizens Standing Up and Fighting Back: Bradley Olson

Bradley and Marsha Olson spent the past 40 years investing in a dream: 1,000 sprawling acres of wildlife habitat and farm land near Lake Hendricks in Brookings County, South Dakota. But just when they were finally ready to… Read More

Citizens Standing Up, Fighting Back: Anthony Scarpa

When Anthony Scarpa, 69, and his wife moved from New Jersey to Delaware to retire in November 2016, they never imagined they’d be moving their lives to the center of a public fight to protect their water and… Read More