SRAP Newsletter – August 2018



Savor Blue Skies and Summer’s End

As summer winds down, we look forward to the changing of seasons and the new opportunities it brings our way. This summer SRAP remained busy helping empower communities to fight back against the negative impacts of factory farms. We received calls for help through our SOS hotline from communities in Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, South Dakota and Texas. We’re also proud of our team’s recent accomplishments. Our Interim Executive Director and long time regional representative Terry Spence was recently honored by the Missouri Stream Team for his nearly quarter-century of volunteer advocacy and community work on behalf of clean waters for all Missourians. And our own Karen Hudson was interviewed by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, sharing her stories and her decades of experiencehelping communities protect themselves from the impacts of factory farms.

We hope you remain empowered in your local fights against the unsustainable system of industrial livestock production and continue to advocate for clean food, air, and water.

In Solidarity,

The SRAP Team.

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Citizens Standing Up, Fighting Back – Pam Kingfisher: Delaware County, Oklahoma

Delaware County, Oklahoma, is a land that echoes with a painful past. The history of the Trail of Tears, where 16,000 members of the Cherokee Indian Tribe were forcibly marched from their ancestral lands and relocated to present-day Oklahoma, reverberates throughout the land. Delaware County marks one of the historic ending points for the Trail of Tears, which took the lives of nearly 4,000 Cherokee people who marched with scant clothing in the dead of winter nearly 180 years ago.

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SRAP at Slow Food Nations 2018 

SRAP was proud to participate in the second annual Slow Food Nations Expo held in Denver, Colorado, this year. We met new friends and enjoyed educating the public on the important work we do assisting communities facing factory farms. We also discussed the upcoming documentary, “Right to Harm,” with several of the community activists featured in the film. Dr. John Ikerd spoke about the future of farming and where we go from here. Learn more about “Right to Harm,” including upcoming release dates by signing up for the newsletter.

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Register Today for SRAP’s Monthly Training Series

SRAP’s “How do you…? For Citizen Activists” Webinar Training Series is designed to meet the needs of our partner communities who are fighting against factory farms to protect their air, health, water and way of life. Each month SRAP’s experts will hold one-hour webinar training sessions on a variety of topics relevant to your community fight such as: how to build a website, how to leverage social media, how to practice self-care during a fight and more. To learn more about our webinar training series please click below. 

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Upcoming Events

“Continuing the Conversation” Event on September 13 in Delafield, Wisconsin

Join SRAP’s Mary Dougherty for an informal evening of dialogue discussing the impact of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO’s). To find out more click below.

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